THE EDITOR: Am I the only one shocked and dismayed by the response of the Prime Minister to the head of the TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce? Dr Rowley and by extension his government are fast heading down the slippery slope of shooting the messenger while ignoring the message.

I do not know Gabriel Faria. However Rowley’s pubic vitriolic attack on the private views of Faria should be condemned by every right thinking citizen. The lack of tact and diplomatic language that Rowley and the hierarchy of the governing party use towards their detractors is downright offensive. From foreign leaders and diplomats to the local media and private citizens, no one is spare the moronic and abusive tongue lashing from this government.

It is really mind-blowing to think that Rowley and others believe that their stewardship of the country would be void of criticism. Almost every sector under the Government is in shambles. From our economic outlook to our reputation within the region and internationally, TT is on a fast nosedive to nothingness.

While space does not permit me to elaborate the failings of the Government, aren’t citizens entitled to criticise its performance without being verbally abused? One has to ask where are the voices that represent the population in offering an honest critique of Rowley’s responses to criticism. Where are the retired diplomats, former heads of the public service and university lecturers?

In the meantime I humbly ask Rowley to tone down the hostile language. There are children looking at news reports and are exposed to these puerile remarks by the Prime Minister. Please, Mr PM and company, do not denigrate citizens for their views.

I end with this quote from George Eliot, “Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.”



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