THE EDITOR: In October 2018 our country witnessed an unprecedented level of rainfall/flooding that few citizens can forget. That ill-fated Friday saw residents of Greenvale, St Helena, Caroni and many other areas of Trinidad literally under murky water.

Indeed, there were many sad tales of property loss, disrupted lives and hopelessness. Thankfully, happy stories quickly emerged when heroes risked their own lives, health and safety to save others.

The volume of water that fell on one day was comparable to the rainfall of an entire month. But a further shock was in store for the unsuspecting populace merely two months later. WASA declared that the population needed to start conserving water for the dry season. I recall shaking my head in utter disbelief. How could a deluge that seemingly covered most of the island a mere two months before not be harnessed to at least ensure enough water for the coming year?

Consequently, much of the citizenry would opine that corruption and wastage do not end with public funds, since it is also blatant with a critical natural resource.

It was downright outrageous that after all that rainfall significant pockets of the nation saw dry or dripping taps mere months after. The situation is unchanged today with no dialogue or hint thereof to address the inadequate water supply. This is especially so due to exceptional covid19 related expenses.

The mantra in some authoritative quarters is that it’s not raining over the reservoirs/dams. That scenario is supported by sheer incompetence in the form of endless advertisements emphasising the need for water conservation to the public.

Many contend that the Government continues to do yeoman service in managing covid19 and providing assistance to those in need as a result of measures taken to curtail the virus’s spread. But an electorate should be cautious with praise to any government’s seeming meritorious performance in an election year.

Where is the tangible assistance/solution for the “Jurassic issue” of an inadequate and unreliable water supply? Why is this sore made to fester for so long, spanning multiple governments?

A true litmus test of a caring government is when a long-standing national issue involving a basic commodity is resolved, or at least tabled for resolution as a priority item.


Mt Lambert

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