THE EDITOR: The Minister of Youth Development and National Services, Fitzgerald Hinds, has clearly shown what so many of us knew. He is not fit to be in charge of youth development.

He posted to social media a comment about an interaction he had with a seemingly “30-year old, healthy-looking, muscular man.”

The man approached him outside of a Massy Foodstore with a request for “a lil $20 to buy something to eat.” Hinds took umbrage at the fact that the man put a figure to his request. He did not have the heart to say he would buy the man something to eat or drink, in lieu of giving him the money.

He then proceeded to state that he does not like fit, young men begging. No one does, Hinds. He could have asked about the circumstances that led to the young man’s position. Hinds could then have had a discussion with his colleague, Donna Cox, the Minister of Social Development and Family Services. Unfortunately, social media was his go-to. He ended his post by saying the encounter left him energised for his new portfolio.

After getting excoriated on social media, Hinds doubled down and posted a follow-up comment, pointing out that people missed the point he was making about an able-bodied man asking him for a specific amount of money.

He also mentioned that he had given money to others, “in far, far greater quantities sometimes.”

Hinds seems to have missed his own point. This is the man who is supposed to be guiding our youth into the future. His lack of empathy in this situation is amazing.

Hinds should have been given the Ministry of Communication where his verbosity would have been put to excellent use.


Mt Hope

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